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Year 1/2 - Our Learning


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Welcome back to Year 1/2! Mrs Ashworth and Mrs Vanes hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and welcome you back for the new year and lots of fantastic learning! 

In English, we are starting the year with a 'Big Write' unit based on the short film 'Umbrella'. We will be exploring the characters' feelings and writing a diary entry.

Our next unit will be 'Myths and Legends'. We will share written and oral versions of traditional tales including The Great Race, The Runaway Wok and The Race Across the River. We will have fun retelling the stories and creating our own versions using story maps. We will learn how to use co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions and apostrophes in sentences.

In our poetry unit, we will be looking at poems on the theme of naughty animals. We will read, enjoy and discuss a selection of poems about animals. We will memorise and perform a poem and learn about adjectives, noun phrases and lists before planning and writing our own poem about a cheeky animal.

In our non-fiction unit, we will enter the world of minibeasts and explore the features of a non-fiction text. We will learn how to use noun phrases in descriptive writing, use bullet points to make a list of equipment needed for a minibeast hunt and create our own information books about hidden minibeasts.



In science this term, we will be learning about animals including humans. Our learning will include identifying the basic parts of the human body and knowing which sense is associated with which part of the body. We will learn about different types of animals and how they are classified into groups including birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. We will find out about animals that are herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We will find out what animals including humans need to survive and know that animals produce offspring which grow into adults. We will also investigate the importance of healthy eating and exercise as part of this topic. 


In maths this term, children in year 1 will be focusing on place value within 20 then within 50 as well as addition and subtraction within 20. 

Year 2 children will be leanring about money and multiplication and division.

Both year groups will be learning about length, height, mass and capacity later in the term.




Our history topic this term involves discovering what life was like in Rochdale during Victorian times. We will compare key aspects of life in Victorian times to life in modern times. 

In geography, we will be finding out about the continent of Africa and exploring the country of Kenya. We will focus on the main human and physical features of the country and children will learn about key geographical features including Kenyan wildlife, landscapes and culture. We will also find out about the similarities and differences between Kenya and the UK.


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