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Reception Class Learning

You can see our Long Term and Medium Term Plans by clicking the documents below.

This half term our topic is: Festivals and Celebrations!


Personal, Social & Emotional Development

This term we will be making relationships with our peers during role play and through play. We will be thinking about how we can be a good friend and the importance of turn taking. We will be encouraging the children to be self-confident and aware of those around them. We will be talking about our feelings and learning how to manage them.



This term we will be teaching the children to recognise the numerals 0-5 and beyond. We will be identifying how many objects are in a set and finding the numeral to match the set. We will be using our 'fingers' or 'digits' to keep  count. Also we will be learning to form our numbers from 0-10. The children will be learning to count through songs, printing, painting moving and play.


Physical Development

This term we will be encouraging the children to begin to become responsible for getting undressed and dressed by themselves. The children will be taking part in P.E sessions with Ed Start. The children will be taught by a professional coach and will be learning how to move around using space effectively and how to listen to instructions to enable them to play games. The children will be learning new games and how to take part in team games. They will be learning new skills using different equipment such as bats, balls, racquets, bean bags and hoops.



  • Writing

This term we will be focusing on encouraging the children to write their name. We will be helping them to develop a comfortable pencil grip. Also we will be teaching the children to recognise and form all of their letters correctly using our handwriting scheme letterjoin.

  • Reading

This term we will be reading lots of different types of books, some fiction books and some non-fiction books about people who help us. The children will read individually to a teacher and withiin a group every week. They will begin to recognise their name and the letters in the alphabet.


Communication & Language

We will be encouraging the children to listen to and take part in class discussions. Children will be given lots of opportunities to develop their Speech and Language through activities in the role play areas and activities on offer in and around the classroom and outdoor areas.


Understanding the World

This term the children will be learning about themselves and their families and people who help us.  They will be given the opportunity to use the computers to create their own pictures and learn how to use some simple software. They will also be using the iPads to access learning tools and develop their understanding of modern technology. 


Expressive Arts & Design

This is the area of the curriculum where we like to get messy. 

We focus on:

Colour mixing and printing

Modelling using materials

Textures and pencil control

Being creative and imaginative

Music and musical instruments

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