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Year 5 and 6 - Our Learning


A busy start to the new year for Year 5/ 6! 

We will be focusing on the text Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief throughout the Spring term.

We will be using this exciting story to help develop our reading skills, with a huge focus on our comprehension skills. Can we make sensible predictions based on what we have read? Can we describe in detail key characters and settings? Even more challenging, can we infer meaning from the text and explain our ideas and opinions? 

Across the term, we will be looking at many different genres of writing such as formal letter writing, character descriptions, news reports and persuasive writing. We will be discussing events within the text and linking them to stories form Greek mythology.

We will also be focusing on key areas of spelling, punctuation and grammar that will in turn help us create wonderful pieces of writing. 

Year 6 will be using the work in the Spring term to help them prepare for their upcoming SATs tests in May, we really do encourage you to support your child as much as possible with any homework set- of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please just ask and we will be happy to help. 




Again, a very busy time ahead!

We will be using all of our super learning from the Autumn term and really challenge our understanding further in the Spring! 

We will be focusing on finding fractions of amounts using multiplication and division skills. We will also be applying this to solving simple and multi-step fraction word problems. 

After securing fractions, we will be working on decimals and percentages. This is a huge area of learning, including reasoning and word problems. 

Year 6 will be looking at Ratio and Algebra; we will be focusing on answering questions taken directly from past SATs papers in order to secure our understanding as much as possible.

As a whole class, we will all work on Area and perimeter of shapes. We will use multiplication and division skills again to find both and challenge ourselves to use inverse operations to find missing values.

One of our final units for the Spring term will be statistics where we focus on handling data, creating line graphs and  pie charts which will be used to find the mean, median and mode of a set of data. 

Throughout the Spring term, we will be having a huge push on our mental arithmetic skills. Key facts such as times tables, doubles and halves, multiplication and division etc should be secure in order for us to apply these skills to other areas of learning. As mentioned on our class page, children will now be set weekly Maths homework to further embed these skills at both school and home. Please help to support your child's learning where possible.



This Term, we will learn about:

During the Spring term our focus will be Evolution and Inheritance. We will understand that living things have offspring of the same kind; however offspring may vary and are not identical to their parents.

We will also look at how living things adapt to their environment and for what reason.

We will also explore the theory of evolution-looking at and comparing various theories including Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace. We will link our English work to our Science work by debating evidence for evolution and writing persuasive arguments.


Our Science learning in the Spring term will be supported by hands on practical investigations that will help deepen our understanding.





History and Geography

Our main focus in History for the Spring term is the Stone age and progression to the Iron age.

We will be looking at what prehistoric Britain was like and exploring whether Stone Age people were just simple hunters.

We will also focus on how much life changed for Stone Age people when they started to farm.            

To further our understanding in this subject, we will be investigating how life changed for people within the Bronze and Iron ages.

We will be making links to other subjects across this unit of work, such as:

  • Art – cave paintings, Celtic patterns, pottery
  • Science –space
  • Geography – use of aerial photography to show impact Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age had on the landscape
  • British Values


In our Geography work, we will be focusing on Mountains and Rivers. 

We will be locating various mountain ranges across the globe and exploring different biomes. We will investigate the climates of different mountain ranges and explore what life is like for people who call these mountains home. 

We will learn the vocabulary related to different parts of rivers and use an atlas with growing confidence to identify rivers in various countries. We will be focusing on how the river is a life source to the places and people who live nearby. We will also be looking closer to home and investigating the Rivers Beal and Roch, locating their source and tracking their path throughout our local area. 





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