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Year 5 and 6 - Our Learning


A busy term ahead for Year 5/ 6! 

In English this term we will be looking at many different genres of writing, including News reports, Debates and Poetry. 

We will be looking at the features of these genres and then trying to use them in our own work.  A particular unit Mrs Gray is looking forward to is the work of William Shakespeare! 

We will be focusing on the plays Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth, exploring the language used and hopefully rewriting our own short versions! 

On top of all of this, we will still be focusing on our grammar and spelling rules which will help us write pitch perfect sentences! Plus making sure our Big Writing folders are kept up to date with fabulous pieces of work. 





In the Spring term, we will be focusing on securing our understanding of fractions. We will recap on finding equivalent fractions and also using multiplication and division to simplify fractions. We will also work with mixed fractions and improper fractions. 

Moving on, we will focus on decimals and percentages, multiplying and dividing decimals and converting from one to the other. 

We will be finding percentages of amounts and applying our understanding to help us solve word problems. 

After working hard on decimals and percentages, we will be focusing on measurements-converting between miles and kilometres and working with millilitres and milligrams. 

We will also be consolidating our understanding of time and applying our understanding during our statistics unit



This term, we will be focusing on Evolution. We will be looking at inheritance and exploring the traits that offspring's may inherit from their parents. 

When focusing on animals, we will be investigating how they use adaptation for different reasons such as survival and change of environment. 

One of our main points to focus on will be the theory of evolution, looking at the works of Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace. We will look at the scientific evidence used to support or refute the theory of evolution and explore the advantages and disadvantages of adaptation in the process of evolution.


Topic Work

This term, our history focus will be 'Riotous Royals'-we will be exploring various royals such as King John, King Henry VIII and Queen Anne.

We will be using our chronological awareness to place key people in the correct time in history. We will also be looking at their behaviour and make comparisons in what we find. 



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