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Ash Class Learning


The children will be reading and studying  the following texts:

The Diary of a Killer Cat

Stone Age Boy

The Iron Man

JourneyThe Diary of a Killer Cat (Audio Download): Anne Fine, Jack Dee, Penguin  Audio: Amazon.co.uk: Audible Books & OriginalsUsing these texts as a focus the children will be writing a recount, a set of instructions, a setting description, a narrative  and a fact file.

In English lessons, the children will develop an understanding of:

  • Noun phrases 
  • Commas in a list 
  • Adverbs 
  • Expanded noun sentences 
  • Similes
  • Adjectives 
  • Inverted  commas
  • Semi-colon




Light and Colors Science Clip Art | Clip art, Science clipart, Clip art  libraryWe will be discovering about light, reflections and shadows. The class will learn about different sources of light, and that we need light to see. The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate reflective materials. They will work in a hands on way to find out more about reflective surfaces. Furthermore, they will learn that the sun’s light can be dangerous, and will have chance to test which objects are opaque in an exciting investigation. They will develop their scientific enquiry skills, making observations, predictions and conclusions.


Free Math Clipart Png, Download Free Math Clipart Png png images, Free  ClipArts on Clipart LibraryPlace Value

Representing numbers to 1,000

Representing numbers to 10,000

Estimating numbers

Finding 1, 10, 100 more or less

Ordering numbers to 10,000

Roman Numerals



Addition & Subtraction

Adding two 4-digit numbers

Exchanging in addition & subtraction

Estimating answers

Checking strategies



Counting squares

Making shapes

Comparing areas


Multiplication & Division

Times table 2-12

Multiplication & division facts

Multiplying three numbers

Foundation Subjects

HistoryQuizShed - Stone Age to Iron Age

Stone Age to Iron Age

Children will learn about how Britain evolved from the Stone Age, through to the Bronze Age and then the Iron Age. We will look at how settlements developed and changed over the period of time and at the importance of trade as communities developed.


12,900+ Antarctica Illustrations, Royalty-Free Vector Graphics & Clip Art -  iStock | Antarctica landscape, Antarctica map, Antarctica expedition

Who lives in Antarctica?

Classes will be looking at the location of Antarctica and discovering lines of latitude and longitude on an atlas. We will investigate the climate zones and the physical features of the area. Using this information we will look at who lives in Antarctica and explorers who have visited.


Prehistoric Art (Drawing / Painting)

The classes will be exploring prehistoric artwork to gain an understanding of man-made art. They will be using charcoal to scale up and down prehistoric drawings and using paints to replicate cave drawings.


Computing systems and networks – how they work together to transfer data

Programming – coding on Scratch


Creating compositions

Children will watch a short animation & use this as a basis to create a story. They will create soundscapes to complement their story, use sound effects and add rhythm to their creations.

Design & Technology

Textiles (Cushions)

We will be exploring how to make a cushion – what makes a god cushion, design techniques and how to assemble a cushion. We will be learning cross stitch in order to appliqué a design onto our cushions.

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