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Newhey Community Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people, and expects the whole school community to share this commitment. For more information please click here to read our Safeguarding Policy.

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Our Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Sykes


Having joined Newhey Community Primary School many years ago in 2003, I feel honoured to be the headteacher of our wonderful school, serving the most welcoming and supportive community. Our school is a happy place to work and learn and we pride ourselves on our core school values, underpinned by our motto that: 

‘Together everyone achieves more’.

Mrs Garrity


Mrs Garrity is our Deputy Headteacher and our school SENDCo. She has worked at the school since 2008 and specialises in Early Years. She began teaching in our Nursery, which she absolutely loved, and then she moved into Reception where she enjoyed watching the children grow and develop their learning journey here at Newhey. She also has a passion for PE and ensures the children are given every opportunity to participate in a range of sports through curriculum, clubs and competitions. Mrs Garrity is proud to work here at Newhey and loves being part of the Newhey Team.

Mrs Young


Mrs Young is our Assistant Headteacher. She teaches in Year 2 and joined Newhey CP School in 2013.

She enjoys teaching Music and Maths and creating fun ways to learn! Mrs Young coordinates the curriculum in PSHE and Science and is also responsible for leading on Behaviour and Culture.

Teaching Staff

Early Years Foundation Stage

Mrs Rose

mrs rose

I work part-time in Nursery and share the class with Mrs Bowker. I enjoy teaching Science and Literacy. I love doing experiments with the children and watching them discover how things work. I also love teaching Art as this was my specialist subject when I was training to become a teacher more than 10 years ago!

Mrs Bowker


Mrs Bowker teaches part-time in our Nursery class. She joined us here at Newhey in 2018.

Miss Dean


Miss Dean teaches in Reception.  She joined Newhey Community Primary School in January 2015.

She enjoys messy play and having fun exploring during Forest school activities. Miss Dean also  likes teaching English and Maths- using lots of indoor and outdoor activities.

Miss Dean is also a Dance Teacher, her favourite style of dance is Latin American.

Mrs Ventress

P2940090 (3)

Mrs Ventress joined us here at Newhey in 2018. She now teaches in our Reception class.

Teaching Staff

Key Stage 1 (including Mrs Young above)

Mrs Ashworth


My name is Mrs Ashworth. I was born in Belfast and moved to Manchester in August 2012 to complete my PGCE. I have taught Year 1 and Year 2 and have a little bit of experience teaching in Year 5. I am married with three beautiful little girls. I have a passion for dance and have experience in Irish dancing, Pom dancing and commercial. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and love being in KS1. I love to see the children coming to school with smiles on their faces and watching them learn and grow. 

Miss Unsworth


Miss Unsworth joined us in 2020. She is currently teaching  in our Y1 class!

She loves to incorporate music, drama and dance into her lessons to make learning very fun and active.  Miss Unsworth also orgsanises the School Glee Club- aloingside Miss Gardiner.

Mrs Vanes


Mrs Vanes joined the newhey team in September 2022. She currently teaches part-time in our mixed Y1/2 class and also delivers intervention sessions across the school.

Teaching Staff

Lower Key Stage 2

Mr Blunt


Mr Blunt is the Year 3 teacher. He began teaching at Newhey in 2001.His favourite subjects are Science and Forest School activities. Mr Blunt comes from Farnworth in Bolton and is married with three children.

Miss Heeney


Miss Heeney teaches part-time from Wednesday to Friday in Year 3/4 and joined us here at Newhey in 2018. She enjoys learning with the children in classs and also loves to spend time with her family. 

Mr Mohammed


Mr Mohammad teaches part-time in our mixed Y3/4 class on Monday and Tuesday.  He enjoys all the fun learning that takes place in there.

Mrs Jaques

Mrs Jaques

I'm Mrs Jaques (it rhymes with cakes!) and I'm the Year 4 teacher. My favourite subjects to teach are English and RE. When I'm not in school, I enjoy reading, crocheting and cooking up a feast for friends and family! I have two children, and together with my husband, we love to be in North Wales enjoying the beautiful landscape and being by the sea. 

Teaching Staff

Upper Key Stage 2

Miss Horner (whole of KS2 PPA)


Miss Horner covers PPA throughout the school. She enjoys teaching Literacy, History and Art.

Mr McGowan


I teach our Year 5 class and I am enjoying this very much so far! I come from the North of Ireland, born and raised in a small village by the sea called Rostrevor. I want my classroom to be a happy, fun, safe and nurturing environment where hard work and fun (and playing the guitar) come hand in hand! In my class, we dance, we sing, we take care of each other and we all grow together.

Mrs Gray


Mrs Gray is our mixed Year 5/6 class teacher and joined Newhey CP School in 2012. She enjoys teaching Literacy, Drama and having lots of fun in lessons.

Miss Gardiner


Miss Gardiner  teaches in Year 6! She likes teaching Maths, English and Art the best. She is responsible for leading the curriculum in Arts which includes Art, Music and Drama.

Miss Gardiner enjoys leading the school's GLEE CLUB along with Miss Unsworth and she looks forward to organising the end of year 'Talent Show'! 

Miss Gardiner works hard on her other responsibility of building and updating the Learning Platform and school website!

QUITE a few years ago... Miss Gardiner used to be a pupil at our school herself and one of our past headteachers-Mr Case, was her junior teacher!

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