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Year 5 - Our Learning


In Science this term we will studying 'Living Things and Their Habitats' at an UKS2 level: working scientifically, carrying out scientific field study and getting to grips with designing and carrying our fair tests. 

This ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’ unit will us about the classification of living things, including micro-organisms. The class will build on our work in Year 4 by sorting animals into groups based on their similarities and differences. We will extend their learning to find out about the standard system of classification first developed by Carl Linnaeus, choosing an animal and researching its classification. We will have the opportunity to design their own ‘curious creature’ and classify it based on its characteristics. We will learn about micro-organisms, and conduct an investigation into the growth of mould on bread. Furthermore, the class will use play dough to create a new single celled micro-organism and explain how it is classified and why. Finally, we will put our learning into practice by creating a field guide to the living things in their local area, showing how and why each one is classified.


History and Geography


In this unit, we will find out about how goods and services are traded around the world. We will explore the UK's trade links today and in the past, finding out about goods imported and exported and the methods of transport used. Through a more detailed look at one of the UK's trade partners, we will learn about the benefits of trading internationally, as well as the risks to this area. The class will also learn about fair trade and why it is important in a global market.



This Ancient Egypt unit will teach us in depth about the achievements of this ancient civilisation. They will learn about how and where the ancient Egyptians lived, what was important to the daily lives of ancient Egyptians, who Tutankhamun was and how mummies were made. We will also learn about how Egyptian people used hieroglyphs to communicate and compare the powers of different gods.

Plenty of our learning across the curriculum will be influenced by these important subjects and topics of study!





In English we will be delving deeper into composition and application of skills in order to write engaging and high level fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We will be working hard to understand and apply our skills for purpose across different genres and styles of writing. We will link our writing where possible to our subjects of study, such as Science and Ancient Eygpt.

We will be reading like no other school year ever! We want to fill our classroom with reading at all differnt levels and styles. We will read for fun, read for our own books together and read to help us imporve in all strands of English at Year 5. 

The Jungle Book to help us with our SpaG and writing compostition, but also we will read 'Letters from a Lighthouse' and Poetry from Ted Hughes- a poet from just across the Pennines from our school. These, along with a rich variety of other text types, will form the structure of our learning and progress in English.  

We will continue to practise our comprehension and inference skills  using reading VIPERS schemes to understand comprehension in more depth.



Our learning in Maths this term will be focused on using our skills in calculation to learn at greater depth across the strands of the Curriculum. We will be continuing with our work on Place Value, Operations, Statistics, measurement, angles and shape. 

 Every day we will train our brains to be better at mental maths by doing lots of mental-oral work. Maths will be focused around the three skills of arithmetic fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We aim to provide children opportunities to deepen their learning as well as learn calculation skills. Pivotal to this is our times tables knowledge. Please help us to recall our times tables quickly as well as counting. We are beginning Year 5 with understanding number and place value.



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