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Rowan Class Learning


In English we will start by studying Fantasy Stories in the book Tales from Outer Suburbia by Shaun Tan. We will use our VIPER skills to answer comprehension questions and later on write dialogue and our own fantasy story.

Later on we will be looking at the Mr Men books, how the characters were created and designing our own.


QuizShed - Year 5 - Properties and changes of materials

Proprties and changes of Materials

We will be finding out about -

  • How to compare and group materials according to their properties.
  • How to find out if materials are conductors or insulators of heat.
  • How to investigate if a metal is the best conductor of electricity.
  • How some materials are able to dissolve in a liquid.
  • How we are able to separate some mixtures and the process used.
  • How some scientific changes are irreversible.


GEMS RDS on X: "Forces in Science has begun in Year 5! Who's ...

We will be finding out about -

  • How gravity is a force and how it affects falling objects.
  • Air resistance, water resistance and friction and what effect they have an objects.
  • How forces affect pulleys, levers and gears.


Area of a Rectangle Calculator - Examples, Facts

We will start off the term by continuing our work on perimeter and area and the various strategies involved. Following that we will be working on-

  • Statistics
  • Position and Direction
  • Decimals
  • Negative numbers
  • Converting Units

Please keep practising your maths at home especially your times tables by using times table rock stars.

Foundation Subjects

In history we will be learning about the Peterloo Massacre which occured in Manchester and how it affected society..

The 197 anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre | Greater Manchester Police

In geography we will be planning and carrying out fieldwork in the local area.

File:Newhey.jpg - Wikipedia

In Music we will be looking at the history of Blues music and learning how to play and sing Blues songs.

The Blues - An In-Depth Feature | uDiscover Music

In art we will be looking at the work of a variety of artists including Banksy and Rorschach and trying to replicate their styles.

Rorschach Inkblot, 1921. /Nthe First ...


In DT lessons we will be designing and making our own monitoring devices.

Upper KS2 DT Lesson Plans | Digital World

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