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Year 2 - Our Learning


Summer Term

We have some wonderful writing opportunities coming up this term. We will be starting our summer writing by using a Disney clip called “Float.” This incredibly emotive clip will be the starting point for our class to think about what makes them unique and different from their peers. We will then be using our ideas to create our own poems about ourselves.

Through the term we plan to use our history topic of toys to create some non- fiction pieces of writing. We are going to use different texts to aid our research with the topic and then share our learning through a report.

Each day we continue our spelling lessons that focus on important spelling patterns we need in year 2.

As a class we read our class book every day of the week for 10 minutes. We help to pick our class book by voting on our favourite blurb. Once we have finished a book we add it to our wall of books. Important VIPER skills are taught though our daily reading sessions.


Summer Term

The summer term is jam packed with lots of new skills for us to learn. Over the term we will be covering time, measurement, statistics and money. Over all of these maths areas we will be recapping what we already know and using this foundation to build on our already fantastic maths knowledge. As always our maths work will include a wide variety of reasoning and application work with some tricky challenges for pupils to try.

Each day we start off by doing a quick mental maths challenge to wake our brain ups and get ready for the day ahead.

Our class work on our timetables skills all year by accessing TT Rockstars in school and at home. We also have a beat myself competition where we try to beat our own score in a timetables quiz

Math Symbols Clipart - Mathematical Symbols Clip Art Transparent PNG -  648x424 - Free Download on NicePNG


Summer Term 

Our science focus this term is all about Plants. This topic is so exciting because there are lot of opportunities for us to do hands on learning. We will be looking at what plants need to grow and what is inside a seed. Then moving on to plant lifecycles. Through investigations and hands on learning, we intend to embrace and build on working scientifically. Close observational skills and testing ideas will be used a lot during this topic along with lots of discussion work.

Wildflowers - Swansea





Summer Term 

Our foundation subjects are full of different topics and skills to learn and practise.

Take a look at the Year 2 Medium Term Plan on our class page to find out more about what we will be covering in our foundation subjects.

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