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Year 2 - Our Learning



During the Autumn Term we will be looking at a variety of texts such a fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Through different pieces of text we hope to create our own stories, posters, silly poems and information texts.

We try our hardest in English lessons to include lots of different spellings and punctuation to make our writing stand out.

Through this term we will also be doing phonics lessons every day to recap on sounds we worked on in Year 1 before home schooling took place.

As a class we are looking at a range of books and how we can pick our own books to help challenge our reading skills. We also have a class book that Mrs Young reads to us every day. We help pick our class book by voting on our favourite choice.

Across this half term, we will be working hard towards our targets and trying our very best to hit as many as we can!




We have lots of areas in Math’s we will be working on this term. Over the next 14 weeks we will be looking at place value, addition and subtraction, number bonds, money, arrays and equal groups.

As well as learning all of these things we will also be learning how to apply our knowledge to word and real life problems. Our aim this term is to build on our learning and use it in one step problems.

In class we will also be practicing our times tables by using TT Rockstars three times a week. Mrs Young has also set up a times table challenge in class for us to see our progress.  



In Science this term we are learning all about Plants. The children will have the opportunity to plant seeds and bulbs, observe plants and trees in their natural habitat, find and discuss wild plants and research what plants need to grow. 

We will also be using computer software and websites such as clicker and BBC bitesize to play quizzes and create our own flower diaries. 

In this topic we will be carrying out investigations and using our scientific knowledge to ask and answer lots of questions and make predictions.





Our topic for the term is all about superheroes which will be taught across a lot of our subjects.

We have lots of activities planned across our subjects that link to our topic. In Art and DT we will be exploring colour and line work for superheroes poses. Also looking at mechanisms of wheels and pulleys to create our own superhero animation.

In Geography we will be learning to name and compare countries in the UK as well as comparing and contrasting the UK and America. We will discuss the cultures, people, homes, physical and human features and general ways of life. Looking at real life superheroes we will look at how armed forces, medical services, police and fire services differ between the two countries. We will even be studying the differences in comics and cartoon superheroes.

In History we will be looking at changes in the NHS, significant people today and Florence Nightingale as part of what it means to be a real life superhero.

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