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Beech Class Learning


Autumn Term 

In English, we will be starting the term reading the story 'The Colour Monster' and writing a diary entry. We will be stepping into the colour monsters shoes and writing about the day we woke up feeling all mixed up. 

We will read the story of Beegu, the alien who crash lands far away from home and is desperate to make friends. Children will design and describe their own friend for Beegu to play with.

We will end the half term with a non-fiction piece linked to our whole school Arts Week - exciting details to follow! 

Year 1 children will continue to access Little Wandle phonics sessions every day and small group reading three times per week.

Year 2 children will access Little Wandle Bridge to Spelling and whole class reading sessions daily. During our whole class reading we will be working on using our VIPER skills to develop our comprehension.

We will welcome parents and carers into school for 'Come read with me' sessions every Monday morning from October - dates and details to follow. 


Autumn Term 

Year 1

We will start the term focusing on place value and numbers to 20. This will involve reading and writing numbers to 20 in numerals and in words as well as counting accurately and representing these numbers in different ways. 

We will move on to addition and subtraction within 20. Our learning will involve lots of practical activities and opportunities to develop children's problem solving skills. 

Later in the term, our maths learning will focus on shape and fractions. We will be recognising and naming 2d and 3d shapes and describing their features using mathematical language. We will find half and a quarter of a shape and amount.

Year 2

We will start the term focusing on place value and numbers to 100. This will involve reading and writing numbers in numerals and words as well as partitioning numbers into tens and ones. We will also be counting in multiples of 2, 3, 5 and 10.

We will consolidate our knowledge of addition and subtraction and begin to solve number sums involving numbers up to 100.

Later in the term, our maths learning will focus on shape and fractions. We will be describing the properties of 2d and 3d shapes and learning about symmetry. Additionally, we will find half, a quarter and three quarters of shapes and amounts.


Autumn Term 

Science this term is the very exciting topic of scientist and inventors. We will find out about scientists some very interesting people past and present including Galileo Galilei and Mae Jamison. We will think about stereotypes about scientists and 'smash' these as we learn about different scientists and their work. 

Later in the term we will be learning about germs and medical inventions. As we work our way through a wide range of incredible people we will also be trying to recreate some of their work through practical investigations.

Over the course of the term, we will also be learning about the seasons and making the most of practical opportunities to observe the changing seasons in our school environment.

Foundation Subjects

Autumn Term 

Our geography topic for the Autumn term is 'What is it like here?' We will be locating where we live on an aerial photograph and recognising the features of the local area. We will also be creating maps using classroom objects before drawing simple maps of the school grounds. We will follow simple routes around the school grounds and carry out an enquiry as to how our playground could be improved!

In history, we will be learning about famous explorers in our topic 'How have explorers changed the world?' We will create a timeline and investigate which parts of the world Christopher Columbus and Matthew Henson explored before comparing these explorers and discussing ways in which these significant people could be remembered.

Our design technology topic is based on food and nutrition.  We will be designing and making a healthy smoothie. We will need to plan, make and evaluate our product as well as designing packaging for it. As part of our learning we will be identifying fruit and vegetables and even having a taster session to see what we like and dislike before making our final product. 

Our art and design lessons will develop our skills in this subject including printing, line and mark making and colour mixing. We will explore abstract art and consider how artists use colour to tell stories in their work. This term we will also be celebrating arts week which will be jam packed with music and art activities.

In music, we will be focusing on pulse and rhythm and understanding the difference between the two. We will be using body percussion, our voices and instruments in this topic.

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