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Year 3/4 - Our Learning


In English this term we will be focusing on  fables, writing instructions and explanations  and looking at poetry.  

Aesop's Fables (The Classic Edition): Amazon.co.uk: Charles Santore,  Charles Santore: 9781604338102: BooksThey will also be learning to write detailed and creative stories  aswell as information reports.




In Science we will be learning about animals including humans.

    Learning Resources Skeleton Foam Floor Puzzle: Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games





Basic needs.




Topic Work

History – Romans.

The Romans in Britain — Home page


Roman Roads.

Boudicca's rebellion.

Hadrian's wall. 

Gods and Goddesses.

Roman Baths.



maths.jpgIn Maths this term we will be learning:

  • Number and Place Value 

Roman Numerals, counting in 50s, 25s, 1000s, Representing numbers, partitioning, rounding, comparing and ordering numbers and negative numbers. 

  • Addition and Subtraction

 Adding and subtracting multiples of 100, adding and subtracting  3 and 4 digit numbers, pattern spotting, Estimating, efficient subtracting, reasoning, problem solving and checking strategies. 

  • Multiplication and Division 

Equal groups,  times table and division facts, multiplying and dviding by 10 and 100, comparing, related calculations, multiply 3 numbers, efficient  calculation and factor pairs. 


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