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Year 3/4 - Our Learning


This term we will focus on the following books and texts to cover all aspects of the National Curriculum.

FICTION:  This term, the children will be reading and exploring myths and legends. We will read a range of tales that, look at the properties of myths and legends and then writing our own story using the skills we have learned.

The Usborne Book of Myths and Legends (Stories for Young Children) :  Milbourne, Anna, Amery, Heather, Doherty, Gillian, Edwards, Linda:  Amazon.co.uk: Books

Following this we will be doing work on performance poetry, then finish the term looking at non-chronological reports.

Every day will be reading other texts (some read by the teacher, some read individually by the children). We will be working on a range of comprehension activities.

During the weeks, we will also be working on grammar and punctuation.



This term we will be learning all about -

What is Sound? | Physics for Kids | SciShow Kids - YouTube

Then we will be learning about -

School Learning Zone - Electricity


History and Geography


We will be learning about rainforests around the world.

Rainforests of the World Map Pack | Teaching Resources



We will be learning all about Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

Viking and Anglo Saxon Workshops – Viking School Visits


In Maths this term we will be learning:

This term we will focussing on the following areas of mathematics:

Multiplication and Division, length and perimeter, fractions, decimals, mass and capacity.


Fractions: Multiplication and Division - Ms. Heather Snider 5th Grade Math  Saks Middle School

Multiplication and Division Songs 


 Try these websites for some fun activities. 

Hit the button

BBC Bitesize 

TT Rockstars. 



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