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Year 3/4 - Our Learning


In English this term we will be focusing on  stories with humour , pursuasive writing and nonsense poems.  


Mr Stink - Scholastic Shop





In Science we will be learning about scientists and inventors

    Gerald Durrel 

Alexander Graham Bell

Maria Telkes

Garret Morgan 

Thomas EdisonDr. Mária Telkes: A Bright Inventor - Future Science Leaders: Discover -  Surrey Session

The Gerald Durrell Legacy: My career and other animals | Global Geneva


After Half term we will be focusing on living things and habitats.

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Topic Work


Due to the ongoing situation and necessity to focus on core subjects, History will not explicitly be taught in class until reviewed at the end of this half term.

Hopefully, we will be covering the topics of Railways. 

Railways - Caledonian Railway Train at Davidson's Mains Station

  •  Early locomotives   
  • Steam Enginge 
  • Impact of railways 
  • Railway art 
  • Locomotive technology 


In Maths this term we will be learning:

  • Measuring and comparing capacity, mass and temperature.


  • Decimals - rounding, comparing and ordering.


  • Money - Understanding pounds and pence, adding and subtracting amounts of money, giving change and converting pounds and pence. 


  • Symmetry and coordinates - looking at horizontal and vertical lines, lines of symmetry, drawing symmetrical shapes, describing positions and movement on a grid. 


  • Time - Telling the time to 5 minutes, looking at digital and analogue clocks, understanding 24 hour clock, converting minutes to hours, finding and comparing duration.


  •  Data Handling -  looking at bar charts, pictograms, line graphs , tables and comparing data. 


  • Shapes and Angles -  Focusing on right angles, comaparing angles, perpendicular and parallel  lines, identifying and comparing 2-D and 3-D shapes. 

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